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New Apps and some bite of Python

Well now I am learning actionscript from Scratch and planning to do some Multitouch apps using it. We happen to be fans of the RotatableScalable Class by NUIGroup, which has some prewritten magic that we can directly extend in our code. Another thing that deserves a mention is pyMT , which Sharath introduced us to, who happens to be a bigtime fan of the Python language and contributor this project. He's doing his final year project with his team back there in Mangalore , and hey, pyMT's Python apps look great ! Since I'll be continuing with Actionscript for now, it remains to be seen whether Python or ActionScript is better. :-) Let's wait and watch

First Prize at IIT Kanpur's Techkriti

We got our table running at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur's annual technical festival- Techkriti, one of the largest ones in India and voila ! got First Prize there :)  Number of Teams at the exhibit-20 Number of Projects that applied- approx 400 A lot of hardware including the whole wooden box setup and the large projector had to be shipped around 300 Kilometers from here- and explaining Multitouch/FTIR/NUIGroup to the audience for 3 long days countless number of times. And that paid off well :) with some moolah raking in, well the first prize got us richer by Rs. 30000/- , enough money to let us by the new Lasers and a couple of cameras for a new multitouch setup.  The team which made a Robotic Hand from Delhi College Of Engineering got the second prize :-) Congratulations to them. Some Pics from the Gallery