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Plans for the Mozilla Firefox Multitouch UX

I am quite interested in exploring the Multitouch scenario on Mozilla Firefox for my project under Felipe's and Gerv's mentorship. Working with Mozilla Team design team members( Alexander Limi ) and mentors is turning out to be a great experience so far. I am learning a lot of new things. Browsing the web is a very distributed activity with a lot of interactions possible- my aim would be to design a minimalist interface, that is slick, fast, and non-obtrusive. Hence devoted past couple of weeks researching on the topic-and doing some user study with Natural User Interface Group members. Browsing through guidelines and advice by Dan Saffer in his book "Designing Gestural Interfaces"  was an eye opener. I'll be using the book as a ready reference before writing code portions. - Setup Mercurial(hg) repo at Google-Code at a mirror at BitBucket - Wrote the extension skeleton: Sidebars etc. - Recompiled Fx on Ubuntu and Win - Checked out Fennec's and iP