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Travel plan tip: Unplanned ones are better

I had forgotten what darkness looks like, what is it to walk under the quiet of the moon by the roar of the waterfalls. Boston has been beautiful so far, so were the cities I lived in back in India. But the problem with cities is that they're cities -loud, fast, and always well lit- even when you don't want! I remember being a child looking at the nightsky and looking at stars more than I could count. This trip made me nostalgic. The sheer pleasure of looking at white blobs as they patterned stories in my empty head ;) 'Even at nights we've artificial light polluting the unforseen farthest of skies hiding what's celestial and what isn't.' 'Its hard to find darkness these days, we're all so well lit. Is darkness becoming extinct? Will I again be able to see the night sky as I used to being a kid?' We didn't know what to do for Thanksgiving day-esp. when most Americans visit back to their families. Hyperloop still doesn't exist tha