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Report 1

For the past 4 days I was working with my GSoC project and so far I've been able to do the following except my to successfully let Google SketchUp talk to TUIO. Setup the iconset, the UI -that'd enable the enabling and disabling of the extension from SketchUp's toolbar. Two operation modes for the plugin SketchUp, B1 -Control Navigation B2 -Enable Drawing/Sketching Trying with TUIO data into SketchUp.

Precoding updates

1. Code Repository setup at Google Code 2. Recently I tried out Colin Harris's Ruby TUIO client from , it took me a little longer time (more than expected) to figure out if its working since I was using Adobe Air based SimTouch.air and socketserver executable to do my tests- which didnt work with our Ruby Client. Though later it responded perfectly with ReactiVision TUIO Simulator 1.4 . I could print the TUIO messages :-) 3. Yet to figure out how we're going to implement the Ruby Client within GoogleSU's interface, I am doing my experiments around Google SU right now. Since I am a bit n00bish with the Ruby API's application with networking, for now not very sure how it'll be loaded INTO the GoogleSketchUp , though i've to try :-) 4. For now I am wondering if we should really go on and apply multitouch to drawing in Google SketchUp , since Sketchup alredy allows to draw using Single Touch. Ofcourse the Multitouch gestures can be technically implemented h