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Showing posts from August, 2009

Alpha Tests

With the help of Soy Productions i could get a small demo video. Due to table configuration problems a good recording couldn't be done for now at my end. Soon our multitouch wall will be up and running. Anyway,This is how camera manipulation would look as of now. Let's see if we come up with new ideas soon. Task TBD- Make touch sensitive drawing and camera manipulation modes switch to each other. Waiting for friend- Pecan to arrive soon.

Approaching Final evals

The "pencils down" date for GSoC is approaching fast. This is the core of the work during this time. 1# Code cleaning. Decided to keep the previous ruby tuio client experiments' work safe in the repository (pre-midterms GSoC work). It might be useful in the future development where better and refined gestures might be inculcated. 2# Code commenting wherever necessary 3# Documentation's skeleton done 3.a) Compile HowTo's 3.b) Readme's 3.c) Changelog 3.d) Etc.

Drawing Mode

Just figured out that drawing using gestures in a limited ability environment like SketchUp, is only possible in theory. Practicalizing it would be a waste of effort. If i go following the advice of NUI veterans Infrared Pen/Stylus should be the best way to draw in SketchUp. Design Wise it should look like this :-)