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virtually social and socially null :)

This is the first time I am writing a personal experience that's not design/tech/tinker related on my blog. So bear with it :) I live alone in Hyderabad now unlike Bikaner and Bangalore where I had close to 10-15 friends around, anytime! I've recently become a social media aficionado both, on Twitter and Facebook. A behavior change that I saw happened in me when I quit my fulltime job at HP Labs and started dedicating fulltime on lechal(period after March 2012). The lowest spikes are the time when I was busy with Mozart project. I am busy now as well, probably starting-up makes you more expressive? Not sure. My interpretation- This is an in-house development stage and probably I am not meeting as many real people now as I used to. That's why I rant more, to the virtual world which is not real.    There is a fair relation between my work ethic and social media engagement and the relationship is mostly inversely proportional before Ducere Technologies started.