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The iPhone Photograph Recovery experience

Around a week back while playing around with a friend, i took some photographs from my iPhone that were one of the most inseparable ones to me. Due to a stupid backup method, I happened to accidently delete and lose them in a jiffy. The odds to recovering them were low, and i took some precautions like minimally using my iPhone so that disk Read+Write sessions do not overwrite the data permanently. I started with Googling methods to recover the data off the iPhone, but found NONE working. The softwares that I downloaded from those keyword stuffed websites were total rip-offs. What worked for me after several experiments was: - Jailbroken iPhone - BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH installed on iPhone - Terminal (or MobileTerminal) installed on iPhone - An SSH server installed on computer. I tried installing OpenSSH on Windows first, it didnt work maybe since 'dd' ain't natively supported on Windows. Fedora 12 worked fine for me. So using Fedora/Ubuntu box is the best bet h