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Google SoC: I am in :)

After falcon4ever and tito's hint I was keeping my fingers crossed. Phew ! at 12:30 AM IST 22 April dot, the results for Google Summer of Code -2009 were announced. Sudhanshu broke me the news on call, I was in ! It was one of the best moments of my life- the feeling within was a mix of several emotions- The mood was upbeat, yet I had in mind the upcoming summer ahead. Being selected is just the beginning, the real groundwork starts now. I proposed my own idea " A Multitouch extension Module for Google SketchUp" . Its going to be mentored by Pawel Solyga . I hope to make it something that Google SketchUp lovers would love to see on their Multitouch tables. Its a challenge ahead , and I am looking forward to it. So summer 2009 - Lotsa hacking and Ruby Programming. As many as three students were selected from my college. Shreekant and Abhinav made it to Sahana and XIPH respectively. And yeah Mangalore ! Sharath Patali for the good NUIPaint was also in. Great to see a goo

Proposed an idea for GSoC 2009

Proposed an Idea for Google Summer of Code to port Google SketchUp to Multitouch . Users would be able to do 3D modeling with Simple and intuitive gestures. An Extension Module that would allow Google SketchUp to receive TUIO and hence allow manipulations via Multitouch gestures. Abstract Lack of a CAD software that could be used via Multitouch has been the motivating factor behind this proposal. Eversince I used the Sketches application on iPhone –which enables 2D drawing using Multitouch, I felt like doing something similar on my FTIR setup. Adding multitouch ability to an easy to use CAD/modeling software - Google SketchUp would not only make the design process intuitive but also add a lot to the usability factor. The reason behind choosing Google SketchUp and not start developing something from scratch is due to its easy to start UI. By experience I’ve felt that Google SketchUp is one of the easiest and widely used surface modeling tools around- what’s impressive about it - its